How to Travel the World with Your Cat
Learn from Our Ramblin' Cat's Experiences

The adventures of traveling with our tabby, RC (the Ramblin' Cat :), to 29 countries on 4 continents kept our creative juices flowing. Before we started our travels, RC was shy around new people. He quickly became our ambassador as we crossed borders and found lodgings. RC passed away a few days after we celebrated his 14 and 1/2 birthday. We miss him dearly.

The majority of this material was written while RC still traveled with us. I used to keep the quarantine and airline information up-to-date because RC relied on it. I'll leave it in place because it might give you a starting point, but I strongly recommend that you verify the information before traveling internationally.

Through trial and error, we've discovered how to keep RC cool and comfortable in 90+ degree temperatures when the air conditioner breaks down without any nearby mechanics. And, we're now prepared for "accidents" wherever we go and know how to build a disposable litter box from items that are easy to find ... even in remote parts of the world. Learn these tips and others about how to make traveling with your furry, purry companion fun and painless.

You'll find practical advice here, mixed with our real life experiences of traveling the world with RC. Any products that we mention, we used. We've never received any compensation for our recommendations or suggestions.

We hope that you have as much fun exploring the globe with your four-legged, bundle of joy as we did.


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